Monday, May 28, 2012

Next generation of the Online-Tea-Timer

Since I offered the first release of the online tea timer for free public use I was asked to add 'this' feature or to change 'that' behavior for many times. At least I decided to create the next generation tea timer where I could put in all of your ideas, all of your wishes...

Beta Tea Timer NG - Teatimer NG - Teeuhr NG - Tee Timer NG - Rel. 4.x beta


tags: download tea timer app freeware online egg-timer shareware tea time free to try teatimer 4.x
beta released: Zen Yellow XTea White Vanilla Uchiyama Tisane Sencha Rooibos Queen-Mary-Tea Pu-erh Oolong Nilgiri Mate Loose Leaf Kombucha Jasmine Iced Herbal Green Flowering Essiac Darjeeling Ceylon Black Assam