Thursday, March 1, 2012

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We all enjoy a good cup of tea but with the current rush in multitasking there have been more than one occasions when we forgot to take the kettle out. Incidentally someone out of his own passion for tea has came up with a convenient solution, a tea timer with the name of Online-Tea-Timer.

What is Online-Tea-Timer / Online-Tee-Uhr ?
The Online-Tea-Timer is a small Java application that allows users to visually estimate when it’s the appropriate time to enjoy their tea. Available in the form of a JNLP (Java Network Launch Protocol), this tiny Java Web Start tool is very simple to use; all you have to do is select one of the available timers depending on the type of tea you are making: 3 minutes (Tea, stimulating), 4 minutes, 5 minutes (Tea, reassuring; infusion of camomile, peppermint..), 10 minutes (infusion of fruits, herbes..) or a custom user set period of time specified with both minutes and seconds. As soon as you have decided on a timer interval press start and enjoy the counter.

The application is indeed quite small, taking up just 3 KB of disk space and should work on any Java enabled environment regardless of operating system. It requires no installation, takes a minimum of system resources and is completely free to use. Extract the contents of the archive and run the JNLP file.

The online tea timer is targeted at any user with a love for tea. Give it a try for yourself.


-———————————————————————— lab testing team would like to inform that the Online-Tea-Timer / Online-Tee-Uhr has been listed, reviewed and awarded by our editors. After carefully testing the Online-Tea-Timer / Online-Tee-Uhr, Editor Team decided to award this tea timer with the Top Software Awards.’s team has also made a VIDEO TUTORIAL showing the installation, the main interface, the main features of the Online-Tea-Timer / Online-Tee-Uhr, letting our visitors as well as the potential users of the online tea timer take a glance at the main qualities of this software before downloading it. This video tutorial is also intended to help beginners understand how to use your product: Online-Tea-Timer Installation Video Tutorial

Moreover, has tested your software, Online-Tea-Timer / Online-Tee-Uhr on 02/29/2012 with the best antivirus engines available today. We have found it to be clean of any form of malware (viruses, spyware, adware, etc.) – the full reports are available here: Online-Tea-Timer Antivirus Reports Editor Team would also like to congratulate you for the high quality standards achieved by your software. We’re glad to be able to promote and support such high-quality products in any way we can. To let your users know about this certification and therefore about the fact that we consider your online tea timer to be a top one, you may display our awards or the conclusion of our review on your website:

“Online-Tea-Timer a simple and effective Java Web Start
 utility that helps users determine when their tea is ready.
 Portable and free to use.”

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